The ONLY organisation dedicated to represent
buyers of coaching and mentoring services

Recognised by:

The Transparency Register has been set up and is operated by the European Parliament and the European Commission, to ensure transparency in all interaction with individuals, associations, NGOs, businesses and trade/professional bodies.

The IRCM has been accepted and is listed on the European Commission's Transparency Register.

A Community Interest Company is a formally set-up company which exists to benefit the buying public.  As a CIC, this defines the IRCM's role and it's annual reporting requirements into the Official Regulator.

The IRCM is a not for profit CIC, which provides a benefit to the coaching and mentoring buying public.

As a CIC, the IRCM is not an Accreditation or a Professional or Trade Organisation.

The IRCM is recognised by and registered with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, NGO branch, and works with the UN Secretariat in a consultative status.

Professional or Trade bodies cannot apply to be recognised here.

The World Association of Non-Govemental Organizations (WANGO) is an inteational organization uniting NGOs worldwide in the cause of advancing peace and global well being, and helps to provide the mechanisms and support needed to connect, partner, share, and inspire.

The NCVO champions and strengthens volunteering and civil societies from the largest charity to the smallest community organisation.