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Coaching and Mentoring are often difficult to precisely define, but it's generally agreed that it is a one to one relationship where one person is assisting another with an agreed agenda.

Credibility and Legitimacy

The IRCM is the only voluntary regulator approved by the Regulator of Community Interest Companies. The Regulator is appointed by the United Kingdom Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy formally known as the Department for Business Innovation & Skills. In short, the Regulator of Community Interest Companies provides us with the authority do what our objects prescribe and we have to provide a report each year to this department to show what we have done to support the coaching and mentoring industry.

For buyers:

THIS is the "Place to Start"; the independent platform to find out about your Coach or Mentor, but Coaches and Mentors are buyers too. Buyers of training and accreditation services.

For Coaches and Mentors:

This is YOUR opportunity to show independent verification of your credibility and legitimacy. To confirm to the world you have the basic elements in place to protect and support your customers.

To be shown here as APPROVED, the Coach or Mentor has confirmed:

  1. they abide by a Code of Ethics
  2. they conduct themselves according to a Code of Conduct
  3. they deal with Complaints properly


We expect suppliers of coaching and mentoring services to publish a Complaints Procedure. Hopefully, complaints can be suitably resolved between the various parties concerned. However, if this is not the case IRCM offers a free Ombudsman Service. Please see "Complaints" and the "Ombudsman Service" which explain in greater detail how we work.

Please note:

The items listed above are the initial and minimum conduct requirements by regulators around the world.

We are a voluntary regulator. If someone is shown as "Not yet approved", it means no more than that. You should read into this that either they do not yet know of our existence, or have chosen not to support this iniative.
If, while acting in the role of Ombudsman, we come across a situation where a Coach or Mentor was NOT reasonable with a customer and clearly did NOT properly deal with and resolve a legitimate and credible complaint - then we will publish those results.

For the avoidance of doubt we will not publish outcomes of complaints that were professionally dealt with by Coaches and Mentors.


Know who you are dealing with

Coaches and Mentors

Check your listing for accuracy


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These reports have been written for the buying public who use the services of Coaches and Mentors.

Using Professional Coaches and Mentors brings many wonderful benefits and a fresh perspective on personal and professional challenges.