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IRCM is a CIC (Community Interest Company) and a not for profit organisation. It is a legally recognised body that is autonomous of any government or professional association.

IRCM is registered in the United Kingdom and is regulated by the Regulator of Community Interest Companies which ensures transparency and provides a benefit to the community it serves. To find out more about Community Interest Companies click on this link CLICK here. 

We lift the veil on the coaching and mentoring industry with a register listing genuine coaches and mentors, and approve accreditation bodies, trade/professional associations, and course providers. We provide information to the buying public independently without any bias.

IRCM is the first independent body to search the globe to initiate a search and discover exactly how many coaches and mentors are currently trading. We have spent over two years and thousands of hours completing our initial search.

Critical analysis of the information and data found about coaches and mentors in the public domain were applied to what type of coaching, qualifications, experience and memberships of accreditation bodies, trade/professional associations each coach or mentor had. Every coach and mentor was contacted to ask if the public domain data we held was correct. Thousands of coaches replied. Views expressed and feedback came from businesses, currently trading coaches and those coaches and mentors that have now ceased trading. Information was also provided from universities and government departments.

If you find your own details on the register we invite you to enhance them to reflect your up to date status. There is a small monthly charge for this service which will ensure that your information is being properly reflected to the buying public and commerce.  Click the relevant link above.