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About Us

Andrew Haigh founded the International Regulator of Coaching & Mentoring (IRCM) which is registered in the United Kingdom.
It is the first and only voluntary independent regulatory body to be awarded Community Interest Company status by the Regulator of Community Interest Companies in the United Kingdom who are appointed by the UK Secretary of State from Business Innovation & Skills, formally known as Department of Trade & Industry. In short, the Government Regulator ensures transparency and provides us with the authority do what our objects prescribe.

We have to file a publicly available report each year to this department to show what we have done to support the coaching and mentoring industry.

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We lift the veil on the coaching and mentoring industry with a register listing genuine coaches and mentors, and approve accreditation bodies, trade/professional associations, and course providers. We provide information to the buying public independently without any bias.

IRCM is the first independent body to search the globe to initiate a search and discover exactly how many coaches and mentors are currently trading. We have spent over two years and thousands of hours completing our initial search.

Critical analysis of the information and data found about coaches and mentors in the public domain were applied to what type of coaching, qualifications, experience and memberships of associations each coach or mentor had. Every coach and mentor was contacted to ask if the public domain data we held was correct. Thousands of coaches replied. Views expressed and feedback came from businesses, currently trading coaches and those coaches and mentors that have now ceased trading. Information was also provided from universities and government departments.

IRCM would like to thank all those that sponsored, provided information and expertise and international government agencies that provided insight and advice. We have investigated coaches, mentors, training organisations and professional associations and feedback provided from those that have taken coaching and mentoring courses.

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Scott Milway - International Managing Director

A former Banker, Scott worked through a long period in the Insurance industry involved in sales, sales management and also compliance following the 1986 Financial Services Act and eventually ran his own brokerage company.

He then became involved in personal development training and coaching being particularly interested in Stress Management. His current role with the IRCM complements his belief in transparency and fairness in dealing with the public and commerce.

Gerard O'Donovan - Director

As CEO of one of the world's largest coach training organisations and former CEO of the- International Institute for Coaching and Mentoring-Gerard brings to the IRCM a wealth of industry knowledge spanning the last 20 years.

He is both a Master coach and a Fellow of the IAPCM ( International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring) and travels the world extensively promoting the benefits of coaching to corporations and individuals alike. He is an avid fan of coaching and how coaching changes individuals and corporations and has dedicated his life to promoting the benefits of professional coaching and coaching standards.